Two by Two Toolkits of Character

Infuse Character Education Throughout Your Day.

Today more than ever, educators and other child providers are looked upon to help shape not only good students, but also good citizens.  According to Dr. Thomas Lickona, a development psychologist and professor of education, “Good character is not formed automatically, it is developed over time through a sustained process of teaching, example, learning, and practice.  It is developed through character education.” 

Start to make an impact in your educational setting with Toolkits of Character!

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2 Unique Character Mascot Puppets are included with each kit.

Two by Two™ animal mascots will help focus attention, break down barriers, and spark fun, imaginative play. Each mascot represents a character trait based on Native American legends and has a compelling voice that will bring the curriculum to life! Click on each mascot below to hear its voice!

Character Education Mascot "Niabi" | Two by Two Character Development | Teaching FairnessCharacter Education Mascot "Odakotah"; Two by Two Character DevelopmentCharacter Education Mascot "Hantaywee"; Two by Two Character DevelopmentCharacter Education Mascot - Teaching Responsibility
Character Education Mascot - Teaching EmpathyCharacter Education Mascot - Teaching Cooperation
Character Education Mascot - Teaching PerseveranceCharacter Education Mascot - Teaching Citizenship

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