What is the Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue Program?

With five core values of character education as its focus—Cooperation, Responsibility, Empathy, Perseverance, and Citizenship—the Two by Two™ Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue Program challenges children ages 9-11 to work together as family units and make thoughtful decisions for family members and their family pet.

In Your Educational Setting

The program begins with children becoming part of a simulated “family” that is responsible for preparing their family members and pets for any type of problem they may encounter during a camping adventure. Each week, “Captain Character” pays a visit to provide a dilemma and to cheer participants on in their character development. Children must cooperate and learn to make responsible, empathetic decisions in order to persevere and become good citizens. Working together as a family unit is the key component to becoming a Kindhearted Kid to the Rescue.

How does it fit academically?

The Two by Two™ Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue program is based on National Education Standards and the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) Mindset and Student Success Benchmarks. In addition, it is a cross-curricular program that incorporates reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, guidance, health and wellness, music, and art throughout the five, one-hour lessons. Two by Two™ Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue is the sequel to the primary level program, Two by Two™ Kindhearted Kids, though it may also operate as a “stand alone” program.

The Two by Two™ Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue program is a cooperative learning adventure created by award-winning educators and piloted for effectiveness and engagement in 14 fourth grade classrooms in Dubuque, Iowa, where Two by Two Character Development is headquartered.


Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue is the sequel to the Two by Two™ primary level program, Kindhearted Kids.

This cooperative learning adventure was created by award-winning Two by Two™ educators.

Lesson 1

Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue Learn to Cooperate

  • Core Value Focus: Cooperation
  • Lesson Overview: Children learn how to be cooperative family members by understanding the definition of cooperation and learning about the Keys to Cooperation, while participating in cooperative/family team activities.
  • Vocabulary: Cooperation
  • Interactive Activities: The instructor will assign students to family groups that will stay together throughout the 5-week program. Each group will put a puzzle together using the Keys of Cooperation to determine their family name, pet’s name, and core value, and will learn more about their shelter pet and family dynamics.
Lesson 2

Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue Use Cooperation While Making
Responsible Decisions

  • Core Value Focus: Responsibility
  • Lesson Overview: Children will practice cooperation and making responsible decisions by working together as a family to select the best items to carry with them on a hike.
  • Vocabulary: Decision, Responsibility
  • Interactive Activities: Families choose the most important items to take with them on a hike.
Lesson 3

Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue Demonstrate Perseverance and Cooperation

  • Core Value Focus: Perseverance
  • Lesson Overview: Children will develop an understanding of perseverance and cooperation by participating in a cooperative problem-solving activity with their family groups.
  • Vocabulary: Perseverance
  • Interactive Activities:  The instructor will provide supplies for each family group to construct a paper bridge to help solve a dilemma they encounter on their camping trip.
Lesson 4

Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue Demonstrate Empathy and Respect

  • Core Value Focus: Empathy
  • Lesson Overview: The children will develop an understanding of empathy as a way to combat
    bullying and stereotyping.
  • Vocabulary: Empathy, Bullying, Stereotyping
  • Interactive Activities: Children will participate in the “Buddies, Not Bullies” online game via Kahoot! to build and review background knowledge. Each child will write empathetic statements to use against bullying and stereotyping in their camp journal.
Lesson 5

Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue Learn How to Become Good Citizens

  • Core Value Focus: Citizenship
  • Lesson Overview: Children will learn to recognize, identify, and demonstrate good citizenship.
  • Vocabulary: Citizenship
  • Interactive Activities: Core Value review activity and “Hero or Zero” trivia game.


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