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Why Choose Two by Two™ Character Development?

Effective Character Education initiatives need to include effective programming and practices. A research guide on What Works in Character Education from the Center for Character Citizenship identified 11 content and pedagogical elements proven to impact character education outcomes.

How Does Two by Two™ Measure Up?

Please refer to the table below for the 11 effective elements that are found in Two by Two™ Character Education Programs and Resources.

How Is Two by Two™ Different?

The Two by Two™ approach is to deliver character education by weaving core values into the daily academic curricula. This effective and measurable programming also incorporates the extraordinary appeal of animals, hands-on learning techniques, and is based on 21st Century education standards—the skills students need to succeed in work, school and life. With Two by Two™ programming, children develop pro-social behaviors, helping them grow into empathetic, responsible, and productive citizens.

The Two by Two™ Character Education Programming also complements other national character organizations; but whereas other programs provide a framework for character education, Two by Two™ supplies a complete curriculum for educators to use in various educational settings to build positive relationships.

What is YOUR educational setting?

Classroom teacher, after-school provider, counselor, humane society educator, museum instructor, special needs teacher, or coach… Contact us today and learn more about how to use Two by Two™ products and services for YOUR educational needs!


Kindhearted Kids - Character Education ProgramKindhearted Kids Character Education Program Materials

Primary Program (ages 7-9)

Start Up Costs:  $475
Student Costs:
 $15.99 per student

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Kindhearted Kids to the Rescue - Character Education ProgramCaptain Character Kids

Intermediate Program (ages 9-11)

Start Up Costs:  $475
Student Costs:
 $15.99 per student

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Character Education in the Classroom - Two by Two's Toolkit of CharacterPK Toolkit of Character
Pre-Kindergarten through 5th  Grade Curriculum

Start Up Cost:  $325
Professional Development Cost:  $300
The 90-minute professional development training is optional, but highly recommended. (Does not include travel expenses.)

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