Two by Two Character Development Programming

Our Mission

Two by Two™ products & services are committed to developing responsible citizens
of strong character who care for, respect, and appreciate people, animals, and the environment.

The Two by Two™ Story

Two by Two Character Development Founder Kristin Woodward-Vaassen

Two by Two™ was just a dream formulating in my head as I looked out my classroom window, knowing I wanted more for my students than I was able to give within the constraints of academics. Throughout my 20 years as a teacher, I saw the moral compass change in children and in society... read more

What People are Saying About Two by Two:

  • “Two by Two’s curriculum is unique because it involves students physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. Both cognitive and affective learning takes place. We love the program!”
    Linda Friedman Principal at Walnut Street School, Uniondale, NY
  • “If you’re going to have a lasting impact in the area of character education where students learn how to care for all living creatures, you have to start with a child’s heart, and that’s what this program does.”
    Dan Ratcliff Principal at Harlan Elementary, Oelwein, IA
  • “What an amazing opportunity we are giving our children through the Two by Two Curriculums.  It is teaching them the EXACT skills that future employers are looking for when hiring responsible staff.  They are the skills that are not tested on a standardized test or skills that you can learn from a textbook.  They are the skills that need to be taught, coached and practiced in real life situations to help our students make a positive impact on their communities.”
    Sarah Weber Table Mound 4th Grade Teacher
  • “My daughter has always loved animals and has been kind-natured and empathetic. But I have seen a new level of understanding the need of being responsible, not only to a pet, but for her actions and following through on commitments.”
    Parent Bryant School